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 Genealogy and the Internet
 by Dr Graeme Davis
  Download price: US$ 4.99
  Published: August 2006
  ISBN: 1-877285-98-6
  Page count: 21 pages
  File size: 129,737 bytes (approx. 18 sec @ 56k)
  Available formats: Adobe Acrobat™ (.pdf)

About this Guide
Genealogy and the Internet is a guide to getting started with on-line genealogical research. Step-by-step it shows how to find and use the key records for family tree research. Help is given with using the building-block records of births, marriages and deaths along with census records. There is information too about finding and using the multiplicity of other on-line sites. With this guide you can make progress in tracing your family tree.
Deciding if this guide is for you.
Please read the following introduction from the guide which tells you about the guide.

This guide is appropriate for anyone who wants to access the wealth of records now available on-line. It is suitable for the novice genealogist, as well as for more experienced researchers who have previously worked mainly with archival sources. The focus of the guide is on sources for UK, US and Commonwealth genealogy, though there are ideas and sources within it which have global coverage.

 You should buy this guide if...

... you want to find out more about your family history. If you know very little and want to make a start. If you know a lot, but want to see what the internet can offer. If you have just a few hours to put into research - or if you are able to put hundreds of hours in. If you live far from record offices, but want to find out more about your family nonetheless.


Customer Reviews and Comments
   26th September 2006
An exellent, user-friendly guide for those wishing to start out on the process of reseraching their family history.
Packed with tips on where to find handy web-based resources and how to make the most use of them.
Well worth reading.

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