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 Become a Well-Paid Book Reviewer
 by Sara Webb Quest
  Download price: US$ 4.99
  Published: May 2004
  ISBN: 1-877285-87-0
  Page count: 22 pages
  File size: 143,360 bytes (approx. 20 sec @ 56k)
  Available formats: Adobe Acrobat™ (.pdf)

About this Guide
This guidebook shows how to make a living doing what you love most: reading and discussing books. Through its easy, step-by-step format and essential exercises, you can learn how to write in standard review style, speed read and be published in the most respected publications!
Deciding if this guide is for you.
Please read the following introduction from the guide which tells you about the guide.

If you love to read and write and enjoy devoting as much time as you can to doing so, this book is for you.

 You should buy this guide if...

  • you desire an easy, affordable guidebook capable of helping you become a professional reviewer in weeks

  • you desire regular income for writing reviews

  • you are a topnotch reviewer and would like quick, essential information for furthering your career

  • you would like to learn how to speed-read then write a review.



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Customer Reviews and Comments
 No reviews have been written for this guide.

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