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Author Page of Bluedolphin Crow


I am a native American Indian my name is Bluedolphin Crow and I was born in Manitoba Canada. How do you like those beginnings?

At an early age my maternal grandfather taught me to be a storyteller for my small tribe. As I grew and my curiosity grew I was lead to exploring the whys and wherefores of my ancestors. So my storytelling would appeal to the young and old.

With this early beginning my life path was created. I have written plays and produced them for the neighborhood and local mothers. My interests were directed and I found myself writing stores, poetry and digging deeply into my background. As I said, to hold my peoples interest and others curiosity.

As I grew to adulthood I found myself writing for women's magazines, published romantic novels, been a ghostwriter, created and published my own newspaper in Michigan, in New York City I created and published a tourist guide. On the Internet I wrote, edited and published my own ezine. These are my past accomplishments.

As of now I am editor, writer for the genealogy section for I am currently creating some self-help guides for publisher My first guide titled Genealogy 101 will be available in March. My second guide titled Genealogy Research 101 will be available in April. In addition to the above I have a website where I teach Native American Genealogy.

I look forward to meeting you on the Internet. In the meantime let me thank you for allowing me to introduce myself.

Miigwech and mino-nibaan,


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Beyond Genealogy Basics (Due out soon - Click to reserve a copy)

Genealogy 101

Genealogy Research 101 (Due out soon - Click to reserve a copy)

Genealogy Software 101 (Due out soon - Click to reserve a copy)


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